Workmates Job Club!

We run a job club every Wednesday for our National clients, Thursday for our Regional Porirua clients and Friday for our Lower Hutt Regional clients– this was a fortnightly club but due to demand they are now run weekly.

We start at 10.00am, we settle in and introductions are made to make sure everyone knows each other, they are all pretty familiar now and any new attendees are welcomed by all. 

Coffee is made, biscuits eaten and we get down to business! 

We go over the weeks prior applications made and any door knocking completed and also ‘the word of mouth’ is always laid out for everyone. 

This is very successful as a lot of jobs are found in this manner. 

We then go through all the jobs the employment consultants have found and we go over these with a fine tooth comb, we discuss what is required – certificates, experience, licences etc. 

We discuss cover letters and what the CV’s may need to be noticed.

We generally do any applications there and then and the clients are also able to get on line and do applications themselves. 

Once a month we hold an interview skills workshop and interview etiquette.

If you feel uncomfortable working with the group, there are Employment Specialist available to work with you individually.

 We generally finish about 12.00pm.