Sarah Milton

Private Box Limited

Depression, anxiety and just low self esteem was taking it's toll, but then I got referred to Workmates.

It was the very first interview that Workmates gave me when I met Shirley and Gareth.

While my disability was a concern, I have always found ways to manage it - solutions to problems and other methods of doing things.

Going through the interview was a great deal of fun.

I never realised my own potential until I did that psychometric assessment.

It was a major boost to my confidence, something I'd not had in a long long time.

Thanks to Workmates, Shirley and Gareth, I now have an amazing job which I love.

I am still learning a lot of new things and my skills are growing! I have my confidence back and I couldn't be happier.

I can't wait to see what the future brings!


Sarah Milton


Below is a testimonial from Shirley Tracey - Red2Green Workplace Enablers who worked with Sarah also:

When Susan Christian, Manager of Workmates Supported Employment in Porirua made herself known to me as a person who helps small businesses with recruitment I had no idea that I would meet Sarah Milton through that contact.

Sarah has a disability and she was a client of Workmates who were assisting her to find employment.  I put Sarah through a selection process on behalf of my client Gareth Foster, Managing Director of Private Box Limited in Johnsonville, Wellington.

First impressions of Sarah were positive.  Bright, positive and engaging.  Her disability was a concern for Gareth as it was back related and the job of Administrator involved quite a lot of heavy lifting.  As part of the selection process, Sarah completed a comprehensive psychometric assessment.  It proved what I had always believed.  You should not judge people with disabilities until you have really got to know them.

The psychometric showed that Sarah was a bundle of untapped potential.  The most amazing score was her Logical Reasoning which was way above what many Senior Managers achieve.  On questioning her about that I discovered that Sarah had a logical quiz app on her mobile phone and one of her past-times was doing logic quizzes - just for fun.  I hate the things myself.  I can still remember Sarah, as I was debriefing her, punching the air with joy at certain scores and saying 'yes'.  It was rewarding for us all.

What Sarah showed me and Gareth, is that disability is not a barrier to exemplary performance but it is often a barrier to employment.  Gareth took time out for a holiday in February and Sarah managed Private Box Limited sole charge in the Wellington office for three weeks.  An exceptionally suitable selection with considerable support from Workmates and WINZ.  It is a good news story that is worth passing on.  Gareth is happy to speak to anybody about his experience in employing a person with a disability.

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Shirley Tracy - Principal

Red2Green Workplace Enablers Limited