Step 3 Investigate

This process will differ for each individual job seeker and will be determined by the goals identified in your Career / Development Plan.

Workmates Supported Employment does not hold a bank of jobs - job seeking is a joint exercise carried out by you and your personal Employment Specialist.

We source employment by utilising our:

- employer contacts;

- personal networks;

- searching local and national newspapers;

- cold calling;

- internet sites; and

- job boards.

Our aim is to source the most appropriate position for you based on your Career / Development Plan.

Some job seekers may require pre-vocational training, interview skills workshops, and work experience to assist you into gaining employment.

Workmates Supported Employment also runs a weekly Job Club - where groups of job seekers come together and work together on all aspects of job search, including - interview skills, cover letters and role play.

We also support our clients with Work and Income processes and appointments, and once employment has been gained, in all areas of the transition from benefit to employment.

Depending upon the individual job seekers requirements and the requirements of the employer, your personal Employment Specialist will provide ongoing support at each stage of the process.

Do you have a specific question? Call us on (04) 237 7141.

Remember: All our services and ongoing support are completely FREE!

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