Step 1 Application

The first step is to get a Referral Form (download: referral form here).

You can be referred by another agency, person or you can self refer.

This can be a health professional, family member, Work and Income Case Manager or another support agency.

The information that is required relates to Employment Only, it is confidential and will assist us in both placement and planning.

Please send your completed Referral Form to:

Once we have received your Referral Form we will contact you to arrange an initial interview with one of our friendly Employment Specialists.

During this interview we will gather some information about your education, work experience, skills and what your employment preferences are.

A Development / Career Plan will be completed with you and your Employment Specialist will guide and support you through the steps to reach your goal.

Do you have a specific question? Call us on (04) 237 7141.

Remember: All our services and ongoing support are completely FREE!

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