JamesPratt.com is an information technology solutions provider focused on supplying electronic commerce and web solutions to assist Charities to design, implement and support critical information technology.

Formed in 1995 as a result of the information revolution, they work with charities to make a management difference in their use of information technology as a business resource and on bridging the gap in understanding and planning between business decisions and technology choices.


JamesPratt.com have created an IT service specifically designed for New Zealand Charities. Every Charity who signs up to their IT for Charities service will benefit through economies of scale.

This means the more Charities that sign up the more we all save. In addition, every charity will receive a FREE IT Health Check valued at $3000 - $5,000.


It's purpose is to provide you with a snap shot of the work and effort that may require dedication of resources and your IT Strategic Vision. By identifying your strengths and business improvement needs, that can help you focus valuable resources on the activities that deliver the most benefits for growth, productivity and savings from IT as a business resource.

An IT Health Check will provide you will a summary of your technology’s current position, identifying any weaknesses or risk areas, effectively providing you with a baseline from which to implement certain changes to ensure the growth of your organisation. This in turn will allow you to better plan and prioritise the future development and needs of the Charity.

phone: 04 390 24 68

e-mail: jamespratt@jamespratt.com

website: www.jamespratt.com